Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.

real esatet 1

Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.




what if you have no money starting out?

thats ok I know many ATX realtors who kicked butt with no money. HOW???

open houses and sign up sheets.

I know totally not sexy. But pick great houses, put signs for it at important turns and a mile away. Every Saturday and Sunday Until.

Eventually you will be working the list of signups on saturdays and open houses only on sunday.

Its important to remain consistent all year.

Why because you want other agents to work with you, and clients to see you all the time in their area. If looking for a house in a area, the agent you see often and feel is available to you gets your business.

Imagine a couple goes to open houses for a month in a area they like. If you are doing open houses in that area repeatedly in that area, WHO are they likely to ask for help from. You should have them on your signup sheet by the 1st or 2nd open house.

Technology is great. Computer leads are great. CRM systems are great. but at the end of the day GOOD ole fashion consistency and follow up wins. 

Part 2.


Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.




what if you have no money starting out?

well you need some, NO MATTER WHAT GURU says you don’t.

If you have a decent job the past two years, I would aim for a buy and hold.  I would aim for duplexes, triplexes and four plexes.


I would go to countless REIA events in your area, join BIGGERPOCKETS


I would use http://www.leadpropeller.com  3 we buy houses type websites for $99 dollars a month. Get leads to your phone via text or voice.

4. Drive for dollars

This works, I worked for papa johns as a delivery driver in ATX  I saw house after house in neighborhoods that were abandoned, vacant, run down or uncared for. I learned many streets in different neighborhoods. it was a great opportunity.

if you have $200-$300 set aside monthly try for 12 months.

5. Direct Mail

I know people say it doesn’t work. You do not know what FINALLY works for a distressed HOME owner who are keeping a home for emotional reasons, or thinks they can hold on a little longer.

Check out

Austin Texas Real Estate Playlist. 

Check out

Courses to help you get business credit, start investing and create a better property management office. 

Check out Bigger Pockets

Another great one is GET s*** done himself.


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