Christmas Hustle Letter TIME

the three biggest things in real estate
a lot of questions about real estate again ton of questions.
how can I start flipping houses?
how can I start buying homes?
first off lead generation lead generation lead generation
there are many many videos I’m gonna do  how to get leads through really quick way to get leads but part two of its follow-up you have to be following up with people  even if they seem like they’re just dragging their feet as you just keep  calling. it’s he who keeps asking gets get more.  there’s been several  times we have had someone say well I thought about this or saw your sign we  buy houses . then you can make an offer and you keep checking in because sometimes it takes six months.
You know Christmas is one of those times we were  like you know that house is going to cost us money and Its tax time that house that we have some of her peers into an empty house of our moms that
we’ve been holding onto because her mom died yeah go just made it happens so tracking yourself now we got my leader in all day we talked about following day but you have to track yourself yet be putting the stuff down in the notebook checking your YouTube there’s so many ways to be tracking yourself to be  honest with yourself to see if you’re actually really doing what you say you’re doing and the tracking is important because it lets you look back and see even you graph the activity you’re doing it week you can really see where you picked up for you or slow down or you stop advertising on the internet or advertising online.  advertising with your flyers or signs you can really tell if  you’re being honest.
I’m trying to keep the widest possible but yet these are  the three lead generation, follow-up  and in tracking yourself three biggest things real estate blog post on it you guys hear from the blog journal and write somewhere where you can track you.
women lie men lie numbers don’t lie
if you are  you know making anywhere from 10 to 40 calls a day if you’re putting out offers  daily.  if you’re following up at least you know 1  to 2 calls a day. following up  can mean your day is productive in a  short amount of hours.  you’ll be amazed where you’re just following up with calls where you’re just checking on a persons situation will lead.

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