Next ROUND OF Foreclosures: Churches.

church foreclosures.


Churches going under?
No, just foreclosures.
Why? Not serving enough.. PEOPLE.
before you stone me!!! Wait hear me out.

If you take out huge mortgages on buildings hoping the church goers can pay it back, its not a good idea.

the last leg of the foreclosures from the housing bubble are here.  CHURCHES. 


The highest percentage have occurred in some of the states hardest hit by the home foreclosure crisis: California, Georgia, Florida and Michigan.

“Churches are among the final institutions to get foreclosed upon because banks have not wanted to look like they are being heavy handed with the churches,” said Scott Rolfs, managing director of Religious and Education finance at the investment bank Ziegler.

Church defaults differ from residential foreclosures. Most of the loans in question are not 30-year mortgages but rather commercial loans that typically mature after just five years when the full balance becomes due immediately.






Because these ideas serve people and the local community. Gives back without drowning in loans. Already a non profit now hire some day care workers.

Next level, find school administers and turn Sunday school rooms into class rooms.

Next level, Find a Director who can head a private school of minimum 50 -100 students depending on size of church.

50 students $100-$1000= $5000-$50,000 a month. Unless you take some kind of local funding or fund raising.  NOW I know there is so much more to it than this basic number, but these buildings most help more people. Serving more people is how “companies” make money.

Best? Adult Day Care. Activities for older adults who can have someone watch over them during the day hours when their normal care takers are at work.

Catholic churches (catholic charities)  were schools, hospitals, daycare, etc. People joined in community around those buildings, people and activities.

I want more places of worship to stay and be helpful to the communities around them. I have seen many black and Latino churches in the middle of “run down” neighborhoods, or “crime ridden” neighborhoods BUT COMPLETELY closed Monday- Saturday. This is wasteful and not representative of catholic churches some who are open all during the week. I know I am making a complex issue simple but serve more, get more.


Million Dollar listing real estate agent vs reality.

million dollar houseMillion Dollar listing real estate agent looks great as a television show. But over 80% of real estate agents do not make any money after 5 years. a remaining bunch make 36,000 a year. A huge group just quits under 2 years. Why? because people are shown a TV show and not real life.

Now the real work. Well rounded office, multiple deals and income streams. Why through recessions and booms some real estate offices stay open and make gains? Because they are on a more realistic model.

A Property Management Office, that finds deals to flip, sale, and Hold.  The office  has the opportunity to use the licensed agents to sell properties that wont fit in their rental side of things, bringing in more cash flow for the business.

These companies are usually family oriented. Starts with a Licensed agent, and  a husband/spouse or contractor. The licensed agent finds deals and the contractor works on them to make the either a flip/sell or HOLD/rental.  Well that contractor can also be temporary maintenance until full time maintenance is needed.

Step two send out over 3000 letters for over 6 months trying to build your property management side of the business into at least 50 to 100 units. At 8-10% of the monthly rent the returns can be great. This is where a office manager or front desk executive assistant comes in to answer calls, receive applications, set up appointments, handle emergencies and receive rent payments. At this point you also have a maintenance guy and a HUGE list of people you work with for emergencies.

Step three grow healthy. If you need more staff add where you can, stabilize. Having a company with 100 properties to manage. Then additional 10 properties in process of being sold, or being added to portfolio.

I would say your ultimate goal is 100 properties you and your family OWN. Regardless of clients coming and going you have a well rounded portfolio. As well as future growth into managing apartments. 

Structure and a Plan is necessary to be successful.  Check out the One Page Business Plan to get your Company the lines of business Credit it needs to function.


Helpful VIDEO.

Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.

real esatet 1

Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.




what if you have no money starting out?

thats ok I know many ATX realtors who kicked butt with no money. HOW???

open houses and sign up sheets.

I know totally not sexy. But pick great houses, put signs for it at important turns and a mile away. Every Saturday and Sunday Until.

Eventually you will be working the list of signups on saturdays and open houses only on sunday.

Its important to remain consistent all year.

Why because you want other agents to work with you, and clients to see you all the time in their area. If looking for a house in a area, the agent you see often and feel is available to you gets your business.

Imagine a couple goes to open houses for a month in a area they like. If you are doing open houses in that area repeatedly in that area, WHO are they likely to ask for help from. You should have them on your signup sheet by the 1st or 2nd open house.

Technology is great. Computer leads are great. CRM systems are great. but at the end of the day GOOD ole fashion consistency and follow up wins. 

Part 2.


Take your real estate business to the next level in 2016.




what if you have no money starting out?

well you need some, NO MATTER WHAT GURU says you don’t.

If you have a decent job the past two years, I would aim for a buy and hold.  I would aim for duplexes, triplexes and four plexes.


I would go to countless REIA events in your area, join BIGGERPOCKETS


I would use  3 we buy houses type websites for $99 dollars a month. Get leads to your phone via text or voice.

4. Drive for dollars

This works, I worked for papa johns as a delivery driver in ATX  I saw house after house in neighborhoods that were abandoned, vacant, run down or uncared for. I learned many streets in different neighborhoods. it was a great opportunity.

if you have $200-$300 set aside monthly try for 12 months.

5. Direct Mail

I know people say it doesn’t work. You do not know what FINALLY works for a distressed HOME owner who are keeping a home for emotional reasons, or thinks they can hold on a little longer.

Check out

Austin Texas Real Estate Playlist. 

Check out

Courses to help you get business credit, start investing and create a better property management office. 

Check out Bigger Pockets

Another great one is GET s*** done himself.

Marketing all day, every day.


Marketing all day, every day. Why because it keeps the leads rolling in.
Without leads there are no sales.

Its important as a real estate agent or real estate investor or service business to set aside a budget of $300 minimum or 2000-3000 direct mailing contacts monthly.

marketing doesn’t stop for 12 months of the year if you want to be honest.


October 31 Halloween

November thanksgiving

December Christmas

January new years eve

February valentines day


mothers day

fathers day

July 4th

august kids return to school

September labor day


deals do not fall in your lap. Unless you are a super star in your area. A marketing giant. keep marketing to you do not have to introduce your self.

Numerous times people get letters in the mail all the time and the only difference is time. The emotion of keeping the house go away, the emotion of it being their old home goes away.

marketing is apart of your budget regardless, its right in there with rent and food. why?

because without leads there is no business.

have your marketing consistent and expanding if possible. there will be people who want to be removed off your listings. 

This can be applied to selling things on amazon, ebay, craigslist and shopify websites. Its possible to have a nonstop sales cycle with online businesses. Only issue is the margins will become thin.

Great thing only 15% of the economy is online, 85% is still mostly service based. That mean service companies can bank no matter the market if they are flexible and following up with leads.

landscaping–> cutting grass–> raking leaves–> plowing snow from driveways and house edges—> new  landscaping for spring. 

selling scrap metal/ moving company—> spring cleaning–> summer kids moving/families moving/apartment complexes have alot of moves—> fall students going away to college—> winter scrap metal/junk needs moving/removal projects

coaching/sports/mentoring—> spring training, people trying to get fit in new year–> summer school sports programs getting ready for fall, parents sign kids up for summer programs—> fall sports, sports, sports, and alternative teams for kids who can not make major teams—> christmas or winter sports to stay active and get ready for next year. 

handyman–all year long. 

creating and selling things– all year long.

See how these services market ALL year long. That’s how your real estate business must be too in order to have profits.

Christmas Hustle Letter TIME

the three biggest things in real estate
a lot of questions about real estate again ton of questions.
how can I start flipping houses?
how can I start buying homes?
first off lead generation lead generation lead generation
there are many many videos I’m gonna do  how to get leads through really quick way to get leads but part two of its follow-up you have to be following up with people  even if they seem like they’re just dragging their feet as you just keep  calling. it’s he who keeps asking gets get more.  there’s been several  times we have had someone say well I thought about this or saw your sign we  buy houses . then you can make an offer and you keep checking in because sometimes it takes six months.
You know Christmas is one of those times we were  like you know that house is going to cost us money and Its tax time that house that we have some of her peers into an empty house of our moms that
we’ve been holding onto because her mom died yeah go just made it happens so tracking yourself now we got my leader in all day we talked about following day but you have to track yourself yet be putting the stuff down in the notebook checking your YouTube there’s so many ways to be tracking yourself to be  honest with yourself to see if you’re actually really doing what you say you’re doing and the tracking is important because it lets you look back and see even you graph the activity you’re doing it week you can really see where you picked up for you or slow down or you stop advertising on the internet or advertising online.  advertising with your flyers or signs you can really tell if  you’re being honest.
I’m trying to keep the widest possible but yet these are  the three lead generation, follow-up  and in tracking yourself three biggest things real estate blog post on it you guys hear from the blog journal and write somewhere where you can track you.
women lie men lie numbers don’t lie
if you are  you know making anywhere from 10 to 40 calls a day if you’re putting out offers  daily.  if you’re following up at least you know 1  to 2 calls a day. following up  can mean your day is productive in a  short amount of hours.  you’ll be amazed where you’re just following up with calls where you’re just checking on a persons situation will lead.

Free information sucks, I am getting a coach

1099 lifestyle.jpegI am getting a coach.


I believe in the power of coaching. It keeps you on track, makes you focus, and grow your business.

I have made the most significant business growth under coaches.

So back at it.

Getting a Personal trainer, a real estate coach and business credit coach.

I talk about my experiences and encourage others in their real estate journey, but to help you and help me COACH time.

I talk about it all the time. You need a accountability partner and someone to push you to the next level.

Coaching can get expensive but its worth it.

In order for me to give you the best, I have to be growing and challenging myself daily.

starting on 2016 now. November 27, 2015. because if you are starting January 1st you are already late. 

My second why. I failed to purchase a 20 Unit Apartment complex. Its so hard to get momentum away from “hustling” and building businesses that can “function” without your daily input. I am testing it with my construction/apartment made ready business, and with online business with all my books and products ready to go to help you guys launch your businesses.

I feel its important to tell you that I struggle as well. Having a accountability partner and a coach can help you launch to the next level. 

4 Houses and you are DONE.

4houses and done..jpg4 houses and you are done.

just like monopoly but better.

some people live in apartments and move every year for over 10 years. I know people living in a apartment the SAME apartment over the same 8 years.

Buy a house, rent out the other two rooms, live rent free 1 year. later move to another house put 3.5% down because you should be able to save that because you are living rent free.

Repeat this every year for 5 years, on the last house it can be your biggest home, because you have 4 rentals.

FHA is a great thing. USDA loans is 0% down and just pay closing. Some people love their job and never want to leave. BUT you want extra income, if you are moving anyways move smartly.

4 moves in 4 years and you are done.

Even faster process three 4plexes and you are done. Imagine each unit in fourplex renting for $750 by time you move 3 times. you would have 11 units x $750= $8250 coming in a month before mortgages. It would be a great way to investment and shorter time moving and vacancy losses.


How to not be a lazy property manager


how to not be a lazy property manager. 

Get up once a week or once  a month and drive by your properties its called a visual check. 

I drove by a family property instead of 1 older lady and her husband, it was 7 kids from school bus aged to her adult daughter. 4 dogs. Neighbors were calling code on them. If i didn’t do a drive by I would have not seen multiple people and trashy front yard.

Take a dog whistle blow it by your apartment complex and where you hear dogs, send out those violations.

Hire a local guy to survey and take pictures with his phone. That how you see a property in its nature state.

send notices unless grass is cut and front yard cleaned up automatic $25 yard maintenance fee.

Get your workers in the field if you have over 100 properties. Charge those fees.

If you send  a crew out, even if its your cousin or teenagers to cut multiunits grass, you earn some profits there.

You have to train your tenants to pay early and pay on time. AS well keep property similar to neighborhood if not better.