Free information sucks, I am getting a coach

1099 lifestyle.jpegI am getting a coach.


I believe in the power of coaching. It keeps you on track, makes you focus, and grow your business.

I have made the most significant business growth under coaches.

So back at it.

Getting a Personal trainer, a real estate coach and business credit coach.

I talk about my experiences and encourage others in their real estate journey, but to help you and help me COACH time.

I talk about it all the time. You need a accountability partner and someone to push you to the next level.

Coaching can get expensive but its worth it.

In order for me to give you the best, I have to be growing and challenging myself daily.

starting on 2016 now. November 27, 2015. because if you are starting January 1st you are already late. 

My second why. I failed to purchase a 20 Unit Apartment complex. Its so hard to get momentum away from “hustling” and building businesses that can “function” without your daily input. I am testing it with my construction/apartment made ready business, and with online business with all my books and products ready to go to help you guys launch your businesses.

I feel its important to tell you that I struggle as well. Having a accountability partner and a coach can help you launch to the next level. 


Not boycotting black Friday, instead investing.


Not boycotting black Friday, instead investing.
2 points. 1 yes we are black Friday shopping right at the court house. Foreclosures everywhere, storage auctions being posted, investing can be fun and adventurous If you are looking in the right place.

I also look for small businesses to support. I support many small black businesses because its a over looked area for many.

Here are 75 small black owned businesses from hair, body butter, coffee, food, tea, and other clothing options. 

You can  find local business in your city or town to support. if you want more businesses in your town to stay open support them.

2. The average foreclosure could have been avoided if the family for around $200-500 extra income a month. What would you do to stop that from happening. ‪#‎1099lifestyle‬ ‪#‎business‬ ‪#‎investing‬ ‪#‎garyvee‬ ‪#‎garyvanyerchuk‬‪#‎richdadpoordad‬ ‪#‎blackfriday‬ ‪#‎boycottblackfriday‬ ‪#‎affordanything‬ ‪#‎stocks‬‪#‎realestateinvestments‬ ‪#‎northcarolina‬ ‪#‎ncrealestate‬

Nearly half of ALL americans have less than $500 in their savings accounts. 

what does that tell you? people are overspending, getting unpaid, and reaching their limits. people income is higher than ever but so is inflation. Many people making $75,000 to $100,000 a year are broke.

Lack of investments. keeping expenses low, making extra income and putting at least $25-$100 dollars a month away in monthly dividend stocks, peer to peer lending, picking up farmland or later down the road rental property.

it sounds boring and simple because it is.

I personally work as a real estate agent and now becoming an real estate investor, but i started with putting money away in lending club, prosper and monthly dividend stocks. I was able to build up over 2 years the ability for a bank and investor club to say yes we can loan her money for a property.

I believe if you are about to become homeless, lose a home or a car then work your butt off, NO tv, no video games, burn the bridge in your mind that you can live at home. Why because it will give you some cushion to get free of your debt, or actions causing you to remain in poverty.

some people will say I have kids, I have health issues, I have etc… find a way or find a excuse. I watched a video on youtube of a trailer truck driver with  NO hands.  watch below

Stop the excuses. If you have a IPHONE in your hand you have a mini computer that gives you access to the world.

the easiest way in is a SALES job. almost every single company in the world hires for sales. check out GRANT CARDONE on how to make 6 figures in your sales career.

check out the 1099 lifestyle course if you want more ways to have money on tap via your phone. 

Make the decision you want to be a creator/producer instead of a consumer.. we can be the creator of our economy.

Not boycotting black Friday, instead investing.

4 Houses and you are DONE.

4houses and done..jpg4 houses and you are done.

just like monopoly but better.

some people live in apartments and move every year for over 10 years. I know people living in a apartment the SAME apartment over the same 8 years.

Buy a house, rent out the other two rooms, live rent free 1 year. later move to another house put 3.5% down because you should be able to save that because you are living rent free.

Repeat this every year for 5 years, on the last house it can be your biggest home, because you have 4 rentals.

FHA is a great thing. USDA loans is 0% down and just pay closing. Some people love their job and never want to leave. BUT you want extra income, if you are moving anyways move smartly.

4 moves in 4 years and you are done.

Even faster process three 4plexes and you are done. Imagine each unit in fourplex renting for $750 by time you move 3 times. you would have 11 units x $750= $8250 coming in a month before mortgages. It would be a great way to investment and shorter time moving and vacancy losses.


How to not be a lazy property manager


how to not be a lazy property manager. 

Get up once a week or once  a month and drive by your properties its called a visual check. 

I drove by a family property instead of 1 older lady and her husband, it was 7 kids from school bus aged to her adult daughter. 4 dogs. Neighbors were calling code on them. If i didn’t do a drive by I would have not seen multiple people and trashy front yard.

Take a dog whistle blow it by your apartment complex and where you hear dogs, send out those violations.

Hire a local guy to survey and take pictures with his phone. That how you see a property in its nature state.

send notices unless grass is cut and front yard cleaned up automatic $25 yard maintenance fee.

Get your workers in the field if you have over 100 properties. Charge those fees.

If you send  a crew out, even if its your cousin or teenagers to cut multiunits grass, you earn some profits there.

You have to train your tenants to pay early and pay on time. AS well keep property similar to neighborhood if not better.