How to not be a lazy property manager


how to not be a lazy property manager. 

Get up once a week or once  a month and drive by your properties its called a visual check. 

I drove by a family property instead of 1 older lady and her husband, it was 7 kids from school bus aged to her adult daughter. 4 dogs. Neighbors were calling code on them. If i didn’t do a drive by I would have not seen multiple people and trashy front yard.

Take a dog whistle blow it by your apartment complex and where you hear dogs, send out those violations.

Hire a local guy to survey and take pictures with his phone. That how you see a property in its nature state.

send notices unless grass is cut and front yard cleaned up automatic $25 yard maintenance fee.

Get your workers in the field if you have over 100 properties. Charge those fees.

If you send  a crew out, even if its your cousin or teenagers to cut multiunits grass, you earn some profits there.

You have to train your tenants to pay early and pay on time. AS well keep property similar to neighborhood if not better.



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