4 Houses and you are DONE.

4houses and done..jpg4 houses and you are done.

just like monopoly but better.

some people live in apartments and move every year for over 10 years. I know people living in a apartment the SAME apartment over the same 8 years.

Buy a house, rent out the other two rooms, live rent free 1 year. later move to another house put 3.5% down because you should be able to save that because you are living rent free.

Repeat this every year for 5 years, on the last house it can be your biggest home, because you have 4 rentals.

FHA is a great thing. USDA loans is 0% down and just pay closing. Some people love their job and never want to leave. BUT you want extra income, if you are moving anyways move smartly.

4 moves in 4 years and you are done.

Even faster process three 4plexes and you are done. Imagine each unit in fourplex renting for $750 by time you move 3 times. you would have 11 units x $750= $8250 coming in a month before mortgages. It would be a great way to investment and shorter time moving and vacancy losses.



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